For a relaxing and beautiful vacation destination where you can enjoy all the finer things in life, Healdsburg, California, is the perfect location for you. The city is tucked away on the banks of the Russian River and gives you unique perspectives of California Wine Country that you won't find anywhere else. The city embodies a unique small-town charm that, when combined with a diverse selection of activities, makes for a truly memorable experience.


The history of Healdsburg dates back a few thousand years to the native residents of California, the Pomo Tribe. The Pomo were the area’s only primary residents until the middle of 19th century, when the California Gold Rush brought droves of people into the state. Before 1848, the non-native population of the state was less than 1,000. In 1849, that number boomed to over 100,000. As the gold rush began to wane, the fortune seekers began to travel south to seek other opportunities.


One of these entrepreneurs, Harmon Heald, became the founder of Healdsburg. Harmon saw a great opportunity for agriculture in the rich land where Healdsburg now resides. In 1857, he built a general store and post office, and began to lay the groundwork for the entire town. The area was officially incorporated in 1867, and as the city gained an influx of new residents, the area began to flourish. The arrival of the Northwestern Pacific Railway in 1871 further expanded the economy and size of the city.


Currently, Healdsburg has a population of over 11,000 residents and is known far and wide for being a great tourist destination. The original town plaza designed by Harmon Heald still exists today and is one of the few remaining examples of early California city planning. You’ll find a wide selection of boutique shops and restaurants in the plaza, perfect for a day of window shopping. The weather in Healdsburg is temperate no matter when you visit, and the average high temperature throughout the year is nearly 74â??. The scenery here is picture perfect and offers ample opportunity for outdoor fun at numerous parks and public areas.


Healdsburg resides in a unique area where three of the biggest wine producing regions of Sonoma County (Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley) all converge. This position in California Wine Country gives you access to over 100 different wineries and tasting rooms, ranging from modest vineyards to expansive European-style villas. Many of the vineyards host a spectrum of events and tastings that will have you feeling like an oenophile in no time. Local guides can take you on tours of the area and show you great wineries and vintages that you may have missed on your own.


Recently, home breweries and microbreweries have gained popularity across Northern California, and Sonoma County is no different. The area is great for growing hops, so you’ll find a wide selection of unique brews to sample at the local bars, breweries, and restaurants. The area is also home to some unique farms that offer tours and fresh produce, while perfectly exemplifying the farm-to-table philosophy that is popular in the region.


Sonoma County is also a haven for lovers of the outdoors. No matter where you look, you're presented stunning vistas of the vine-covered landscape. These one-of-a-kind views are certain to leave a lasting impression. The park system in Healdsburg features 13 beautifully maintained areas great for family gatherings, picnics, games, wildlife viewing and much more. An extensive network of scenic trails provides you numerous chances to hike and bike through the stunning natural terrain. If you're a golf enthusiast, you’ll never want to leave! You’ll find championship level golf courses that highlight the natural surroundings and present a spectrum of challenges for players of all skill levels.


The rivers are great for traditional and fly fishing, and local guides can help you find some of the best spots to cast a line. The rivers are also great for activities like canoeing, swimming, kayaking or just relaxing on one of the clean beaches. If you like to get out and enjoy the outdoors, Healdsburg is the perfect location for your next big California adventure.


If you're looking for a change of pace, the city offers a multitude of things to do indoors as well. Many of the restaurants and fine dining options in the area offer unique and delicious meals, featuring fresh food from local farms. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious four-course gourmet dining experience or some tasty bar food, this city has something you’ll love.


While you’ll find libations at dozens of wineries and breweries, Healdsburg has some great bars, clubs, and pubs, where you can sample a wide selection of cocktails from local and national sources. If shopping is an activity you enjoy, let the shops of Healdsburg provide you with a shopping experience like no other. From unique specialty shops to shopping centers and open air markets, this city has it all. Relax with a variety of great skin therapies, spa treatments, and massages that will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated.


The residents of Healdsburg are friendly and creative, and welcome visitors into their community. The artisan and creative scene here is vibrant and on display everywhere you look. Art galleries here are numerous and display a vast array of art collections from different disciplines. There are also museums and exhibits that will inform you on everything from the history of the area to how wine is made.


Another great way to experience this great community is during one of the fun local events. Each season presents a different set of gathering to enjoy. Don’t worry if you're traveling with the family! In addition to spectacular wine and beer events, you’ll find many great festivals for your entire group.


With so much to offer, Healdsburg has set itself apart from many other destination in the region. Whether you're planning your next big family adventure or a romantic getaway, Healdsburg won't disappoint.

For more information about Healdsburg and everything you’ll find here, please visit the website of the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau